Thursday, 24 May 2012

Taylor Momsen

She is one of my favourite style icons right now and also
the face of John Galliano's(one of my favourite designers)
perfume Parlez-Moi d'Amour - means speak to me of  love!
It sweet scent has notes of rose, jasmine, cypress, ginger and
blueberry! MUST HAVE!!

Cool Rob Zombie Tee that she's wearing as a mini dress!
 I like remaking vintage pieces, adding things like studs,
silver seqluns, rips, chains...I'm huge fan of crosses at the moment

This photo makes me wanna have looooong hair extensions!!

Absolute lovin' the white studded corset! It's a custom creation
by Sex Trash designer Stephanie Paterek. It's New York based
clothing line, they got some pretty cool stuff! Check out the 
website & blog: 

What I love about her look is the edgy grunge/punkrock vibe,
super long hair and strong eye make-up.  You can tell by the way 
she carries herself that she feels comfortable in her outfits. I've read few
style articles and some people might think she can come across
 a bit trashy but I think she's pure fashion chick!

To save the best for last - didn't know that she has been performing
with Marilyn Manson but that's awesome! Wish I'd been there!

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